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About the Artist

Oil painting of a daffodil by Magdalen Abe
Oil painting of a rabbit by Magdalen Abe
Favorites (for now)
Songbird: Cedar waxwing
Sea shell: Rose murex
Flower: Plumeria 
Book: The Once and Future King by T. H. White
Movie: Master and Commander

I am an artist specializing in portraiture (human or otherwise), but with broad interests ranging from the strictly observed to images lending from dreams and imagination. It is my belief that there are unspoken qualities to every subject that can only be addressed in paint; there is nothing I love more than delving into these underlying psychologies, teasing them to the surface with texture, color, and light.
I graduated Colby College in May 2014 with B.A.s in Studio Art and Biology.
Outside of the studio, I enjoy horseback riding, reading, spending time with my pets, and gamboling about on the beach.

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